Sayings Mallorquines and its history

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“Què en som jo de la mort de’n Berga”

Literally it is traslated as: What am I about the Bergas death? And it means “do not look at me, because I do not know anyhing about that”

This expression came out in 1619 when the judge Don Jaume Juan de Berga i Sales was murdered. That judge was upright, tough and incorruptible, first the law and then the family’s name

He was killed in front of his house the 24th may in 1619, many people were involved and a lot of people were suspicious. All the citizens were interrogated and even the most of the people were inocennt they felt quite surprised when they were asked.

“Has fet es negoci de na Peix Frit”

Its a balearic saying used to refers you or someone have had a bad business.

It came out thanks to a myth. It says that a woman called Na Peix-frit (“She fried-fish”) bought fish at the market place for 6 and then she sold it for 4 to the artisans. People didn’t know how she was living doing that kind of business due to clearly she was losing money! And the saying came out.

Even though, she wasn’t silly, she used to smear the dishes with some kind of oil, a quite sticky product and she left the them on the table where the artisans used to work (her favourite clients were the metalsmith) and when she took off the dishes there used be coins, jewels and metal chips sticked. So at the end, that it was a good business.

Quaranta putes sagrades…»

It is a mallorcan expression used for blaspheming or to show a quite big surprise as well. The sentence is traslated as “forty holy whores”.

To know the origins of that expression we need to go back in time: 1229, the Christian conquest of Madina Mayurqa by Jaume I, King of Aragon. The Christian army was formed by 15.000 men and no women. The catholic authorities were worried about the men sexual needs and in consideration of in Mallorca there were just moorish women, they and the King looked for a solution: they needed “professionals”, in that way the men sexual needs finished, the moorish women weren’t riped, they didn’t masturbated and sodomy was avoid.

Few days later, 40 prostitutes from Aragon came to Mallorca and the authorities held a huge religious ceremony to thanks God and blessed the forty new women.

Dichos y refranes Mallorquines y su historia

Existe en los diferentes pueblos y culturas una conciencia colectiva que nos va transmitiendo sabiduría de generación en generación. Estas muestras de

How did I start it?

HOW DID I START IT? Carlos y Eulari are official guides working with Mallorca Free Tour. But before that, since several seasons