Theatre on the streets!

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Someone once said: “Do what you really love and you’ll never work a day in your life” believed it. Until two years ago. Call it coincidence, destiny or planets alignement.

Theatre on the street came up joining our passions (or some of them): History, theatre and the job we were born: To guide and to show that culture and history shouldn’t be necessarily boring. After meetings in different pubs and tasting thousand beers the question showed up: Why don’t we bring everything together? History, theatre, street, walking tour. Simple or it seemed, didn’t it?

Get lost to find amazing places, magic corners or open spaces where not to bother anybody were some of our goals. And to know what to explain in all of them as well. Once we found the scenary and the subject we just needed imagination and inspiration, that means: To read, to write, to read again, to write, to read, to rewrite, to delete, to write, to modify, to keep reading, to focus in, to write, to delete and to rewrite…

The walking tour part was ready. But acting? Thanks to the infinite patience of Mr.G and hours and hours of classes in icy rooms. Our actor and actress arised. We discovered hidden abilities and skills.

Last thing last, the costume. How to become a monk, a King, architect, a merchant and a bandit all in one. Obviously we needed a lot of clothes, however the less clothes the better it was. An oxymoron. But someone saved us, a great artisan who works with sustainable garments managed to change our aspect with only five pieces of clothing.

Sustainable garments – theatrical tour

We already had the required ingredients to run this crazy plan. This Project surprises us more and more constantly, because everything can happen on the streets and we can make everything happens on the streets.

To sum up, after a tough work year, I think we can say that we are happy because we do what we love the most and today our profession has become our passion and hobby.


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