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Carlos y Eulari are official guides working with Mallorca Free Tour. But before that, since several seasons they were doing walking tours around the old town until one day they met working together for the same Free Tour company.

Eulari an historian graduated in History from the Balearic Island University (UIB) and in love of archaeology and history. She was interested in setting up a company of theatrical tours across Mallorca. She is going down the alleys and taking pictures …

Carlos graduated in International Hotel Management, a passionate about theater and excited about communication, walks pensive over the Palma streets looking for an idea that combines theater, history and walking tours…

And everything happens: an image, the idea, a gleam in the eyes, crossed thoughts while the waiter brings us some beers to the beat of the song played by the artist who is sitting next to us. TO BE CONTINUE.

Tour Teatro

Dichos y refranes Mallorquines y su historia

Existe en los diferentes pueblos y culturas una conciencia colectiva que nos va transmitiendo sabiduría de generación en generación. Estas muestras de