Do you know what was our main economic support and lifestyle for much of history until the arrival of the 20th century?

We offer you a private route through traditional Mallorca to discover ancient trades, wineries and traditions, which largely survive thanks to the arrival of new visitors interested in culture and heritage.

We will enter the Pla region, which occupies the central area of ​​Mallorca. Despite the name of the region, geomorphology creates a landscape that is not exactly flat.

Most of the populations in this area, which were traditionally based on agriculture, still today retain the roots of the island, both folkloric, cultural, gastronomic and landscape.

The route:

The route starts from Palma and we head towards the central part of Mallorca. From the road, we will introduce you to the different elements of the Mallorcan landscape, such as the old windmills and other traditions of the island.

Our first stop is the Gordiola Glass Factory. Here you can see live the art of blowing glass that this family has kept for more than 250 years.
Through successive generations, artisans and glassmakers have been learning, modelling and transmitting all their knowledge through ingenuity, the air in their lungs and the agility of their hands to manufacture the pieces that still impress us today.

Description of the visit:

  • Time: Flexible, but we recommend starting the tour at 9:30 or 10 a.m
  • Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
  • Meeting point: Flexible, near the area of Palma
  • Ending point: Flexible, near the area of Palma.


  • 1-6 pax (maximum)

The price includes:

  • Official guide.
  • Private transport with a chauffeur.

The price does NOT include:

  • Tickets to museums and monuments.
  • Food and beverage.

Next, we head towards the Oliver Moragues wineries for a Mallorcan wine tasting and listen to an explanation about the history, origin and production of this product.

After this pleasant evening, we continue on our way until we reach one of the most spectacular possessions in Pla de Mallorca: Els Calderers

The possessions were large estates managed by the amo, a key figure in the organization of the possessions, their role was that of the administrator – tenant and responsible for their production, as well as the staff who worked on the farm; in exchange, he had to pay an annual rent to the senyor or lord (the owner of the estate and he was always from a noble family).
The lands of Els Calderers were dedicated to the cultivation of the vineyard and also to wheat, without neglecting fruit trees, chickpeas, carob beans, beans, almonds, corn and, of course, black porc.
The walk passes through the different rooms of the house, but do not be fooled by its austere exterior … since its interior has a great ornamental wealth with Majorcan furniture and painting.

This private tour includes an official guide + private transportation (with driver and air conditioning) + tickets to the Els Calderers museum + wine tasting.

Discover more about Els Calderers

Els Calderers is one of the best known Mallorcan possessions in Pla de Mallorca. Already documented in the 13th century and reformed on various occasions, it maintains the Mallorcan essence through the collection of agricultural machinery, furniture and painting.


We work with small groups of maximum 15 people.


An exclusive walking tour for you, your family, friends and/or couple.


All our official guides are from Mallorca.


Whenever , wherever and how you want.

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