Cathedral and Bellver Castle

Get to know two of the jewels of Majorcan Gothic: the Cathedral of Mallorca and the Bellver Castle.

Guided tour with an official tour guide of Tour Teatro.

castillo de Bellver

Would you like to visit two of the most important buildings of Palma?


Wednesday and Thursday - 10 a.m


4,5 hours (approx.)


In front of the main portal of the Cathedral


Option 1: 1 - 4 people Option 2: 5 - 10 people


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Cathedral of Mallorca and Bellver castle

Have you ever heard about dynasties, dark secrets, betrayals and alliances?

Of course! Maybe it could be the foreword of Games of Thrones…. but all of that was an important episode of the Mallorcan history. After the famous Christian conquest by the Aragon kingdom during the 13th century, the Independent Kingdom of Mallorca was created and with it an important cultural and heritage legacy that today we can still visiting.

During this private tour, we will show you two jewels of Palma, two stunning Gothic buildings built during Christian times. The Cathedral of Mallorca, known also as la Seu of Mallorca, according to the painter and writer Santiago Rusiñol about the cathedral: “From outside you will its armour, but come in and you will see its soul”. The artist thought that there was no other temple like our beautiful Cathedral.

The other architectural marvel we visit is the Bellver castle. It was built as a palace-fortress by Jaume the Second at the beginning of 14th century for the Mallorcan royal family. It is located at the top of the hill to prevent attacks.

Bellver is the most exceptional of the Balearics islands castle, not only for its round shape and for its keep, but also for its uses as a royal residence, refugee during plaque and riot times, military base and prison. thanks that it was built as a residence nowadays its conservation is almost perfect.

At the castle, you will observer the different parts of a medieval castle, important marks on the walls, the History Museum of Palma and the stunning views from the top (panoramic view).


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From 312 1- 4 PAX
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  • Private transport with chauffeur and A/C

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From 400 5 - 10 PAX
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The visit will start near the Cathedral of Mallorca to contemplate the views and do a brief introduction of the areas. Then, we will visit the Cathedral.

After that, we will pick our private transport right to the Bellver castle (20 min. approx). Firstly, we will explain the castle from outside and then we will visit it to contemplate the parade ground, the History Museum of Palma and finally the royal rooms.

The visit will end at the terraces where we can spend a couple of minutes to take pictures and enjoy the amazing views.

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